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GCSE Dance and GCSE Drama - Provided by Arts Organisations!

Hello All,

Hope you are well and had a lovely Easter Break. I wanted to remind you all of the exciting news we shared last month! Birmingham Arts School is leading a ground-breaking initiative this September in collaboration with Birmingham Repertory Theatre and Birmingham Royal Ballet. We're leading on an innovative initiative to launch GCSE Dance and GCSE Drama courses to run within these two arts organisations.

Why is this a game-changer?

Professional Environments: Students will learn in vibrant settings, experiencing professional stages and equipment from day one.

Industry Insights: They'll engage with industry pros through workshops and mentorship, gaining invaluable insights.

Networking: Proximity to professionals opens doors to internships and career paths.

Cultural Legacy: By studying here, students become part of Birmingham's rich artistic heritage.

This initiative is especially beneficial for schools unable to offer these courses. Here's why studying within an arts organisation is exceptional:

Professional Setting: Theatres provide a real-world atmosphere, fostering professionalism.

Access to Pros: Interacting with industry professionals enhances learning and guidance.

Hands-On Experience: Fully equipped facilities offer practical, immersive learning.

Networking: Close proximity to professionals facilitates valuable connections.

Inspiration: Live performances broaden perspectives and inspire creativity.

Teamwork: Collaboration fosters communication and teamwork skills.

Creative Expression: The theatre atmosphere stimulates artistic exploration.

Specialised Resources: Access to unique resources enriches creative processes.

Exposure to Arts: Students gain insight into various artistic disciplines.

In short, the programme offers a transformative educational experience, revolutionising arts education in Birmingham.

We are looking for schools interested in putting forward young people onto the GCSE Dance and Drama Courses. There will be a maximum of 25 places on each of the two courses. The cost to schools will be £495 per student per year.

For inquiries please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at and I can tell you more about how both courses will run in each organisation and connect you with the heads of learning in each organisation. If you want your students to have this opportunity your school needs to sign up no later than 10th June.

GCSE Dance and GCSE Drama - Provided by Arts Organisations! By Birmingham Arts School on Birmingham Education Hub