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A Hilarious Show About the Birmingham City Council Budget from Stan's Cafe. (KS3 & KS4)

Stan's Cafe Logo


It's your first day at work.
You have £3,000,000,000 to spend
and you're a bear.
What could possibly go wrong?

Each year Birmingham City Council spends £3billion.
Where does it all come from? Where does it all go?
In 50 ridiculous minutes, using 6,000 gold dominoes, starring a human size bear,
this fast and funny theatre show explains it all.


Local Government & Democracy
How Public Money Is Raised and Spent.
Equipping Students With Knowledge To Think Critically
and Debate Political and Social Questions.

All Our Money follows Bordesley, a football mascot, through his first day at work as leader of Birmingham City Council. Normally in charge of entertaining the fans at half time, he now has to make sure care homes can afford tea time. He’s caught in the middle of an almighty storm of conflicting interests and demands, somehow he has to balance the City Council’s budget.

The show is not 'party political' its focus is on teaching people how the City Council budget works and the role we play as citizens. It does this in a very clear and highly entertaining way. Although it centres on a budget the show features no numbers (they have all been replaced by gold dominoes - lots of them).

All Our Money tours with three actors, a small table, revolving chair, a set of shelves and some dominoes. It requires no blackout, special lighting or stage, just a 4m x 3m indoor performance space - and space for the audience.
It runs for 50 minutes without an interval.

This schools version of All Our Money comes with preparation work material for students and teachers to consider in a lesson before the show, and follow-up material and questions to consider following the show. It can be performed in a classroom, in a school hall and other spaces. During a school day it can be performed two or even three times (subject to negotiation).

Booking Information

All Our Money will tour the West Midlands in Spring 2023. If you would like to more information about booking the show, including the cost please contact Dominic Thompson by email
or the Stan’s Cafe office on 0121 415 4107.




A Hilarious Show About the Birmingham City Council Budget from Stan's Cafe. (KS3 & KS4) By Birmingham Arts School on Birmingham Education Hub